Tell us about yourself

Feel free to stay anonymous, but if you want to tell other visitors something about who you are you can drop a comment in this thread.

Or … just take the polls.

Edit: Thanks for leaving comments on this post. I have created a static “Who are you?” page for this purpose, so from now on you may want to use that page instead. The polls are copied there too.

2 responses to “Tell us about yourself

  1. It is a gread idea to start this. Besides data converters in scientific publications, we are also, if not more, interested in how to make data converters embedded in various systems. Issues such as signal buffers, reference buffers, kickback impacts on signal fidelity, and of course testability and yield are of great interest.

  2. @Nick:

    Thank you! Yes, your suggestions of topics are highly relevant. More so than my “scientific paper count stats”. Those are probably more valuable as an excuse to ones boss when accused of “not keeping yourself updated“.
    – “I agree with you sir, but are you aware the the number of publications grow exponentially – look here’s a diagram … ” 😉

    Lame jokes aside, I hope to address topics that my visitors are interested in over time. So just use that “Notify me of new posts via email” function to stay updated.


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