Anyone going to NORCHIP 2010?

Is anyone of the blog readers going to attend NORCHIP 2010 – the Nordic microelectronics event? I want to meet you! If everything works out as planned, I will blog directly from the conference. No promises though – if the conference dinner is too good, I might get stuck there instead, and in that case I’ll give my report after the conference – together with a close-up photo of the banquet dish.

Look for this face

Make sure to connect. I plan to highlight a few interesting papers, pick up the “vibes” and opinions of other delegates and then share it right here on the blog. If you let me know what you liked best during NORCHIP 2010 I’ll write about that too.

If you haven’t found me before, a safe bet is around the A/D-converters session (8.1) when I give my presentation “On CMOS Scaling and A/D-Converter Performance” on Tuesday afternoon at 13:55 (see the conference program).

EditGet the paper from IEEE Explore.

5 responses to “Anyone going to NORCHIP 2010?

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  2. Hi Bengt,
    I guess you will bump into two of my students at the NorChip 2010 conference and one of them at the ICECS 2010. I have told them to look (out) for you.


  3. @Jacob,

    What a nice looking blog you have! Great work, and most of it to support your students, as it seems from a first glance. That’s being a passionate professor. Hope the students appreciate your effort.

    I’m looking forward to meet the two you’re sending.

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