Anyone going to ICECS 2010?

I guess it will be inevitable to keep asking my blog readers if you are also going to the conferences I plan to attend, now that I started to do so with NORCHIP. If you’re going to ICECS 2010 in Athens next week, you’re most welcome to connect. As you can see from my NORCHIP travel report it can pay great dividends to respond to the invitation to connect while at the conference. That is, if you’d consider it a ‘great dividend’ to have your name and picture or at least your paper title and name appearing on this blog.

Look for this face once again

Nadeem Afzal and M. Reza Sadeghifar were the clear winners of the connect-with-Converter-Passion race at the NORCHIP conference, and thus got themselves a slightly raised web presence, for whatever that might be worth. All you’ve got to do to have a chance in Athens, is to look for the same face this time. Come and say hello, tell me about your work, what you think about the conference, Greece, the welcome reception or A/D- or D/A-converter research in general, … something like that. Actually it takes much less effort than so – it’s enough to just say hello. You need to be aware that the Linköping University students are all serious about this, and I have good reason to believe that a third student under Dr. J Jacob Wikner’s supervision will make an attempt for the ‘prize’ in Athens. So don’t idle about and let Linköping get all the glory.

If you haven’t found me earlier, the safest bets this time is during the T4L-B Mixed-signal circuits session on Tuesday afternoon, where I will present my contribution “A Survey of A/D-Converter Performance Evolution” [1], or the Wednesday morning session W1L-B Analog-to-Digital Converters II which I will be chairing.

Now, if you are serious about ADC technology you really do not want to miss my survey presentation. I will show the performance evolution over time for A/D-converters extracted from a massive study of well over 1400 scientific papers, from the very first monolithic implementations reported in 1974 all through to March 2010. That’s close to every single paper ever published in the IEEE journals and conferences central to the ADC field. All for you! Past and present ADC trends will be analyzed, and I’ll even venture to predict ADC performance evolution for the next ten years until 2020. If you aren’t coming to ICECS 2010, you should definitely keep an eye out for this paper as it will appear at IEEE Xplore some time after the conference.

See you all in Athens!


[1] B. E. Jonsson, “A survey of A/D-converter performance evolution”, accepted for presentation, IEEE Int. Conf. Electronics Circ. Syst. (ICECS), Athens, Greece, Dec., 2010.

4 responses to “Anyone going to ICECS 2010?

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  2. Syed Ahmed Aamir


    My name is Aamir, and I am the ‘third’ student of Dr. Wikner, who will present his multi stage, pseudo-differential amplifier during the session M1L-B (Analog Signal Processing). I will also present another flash ADC calibration paper from my collegue Armin, during session M2L-B.

    Hope to catch you in Athens, and retain the connect-with-CP ‘prize’ 🙂

    Best Regards,

  3. @Syed Ahmed Aamir:

    That’s the right spirit! You sound like a winner already 🙂

    And to the rest of blog readers: Here’s evidence you can trust this blog – my ‘intel’ is good, as you can see.

    And don’t give the race up just because Syed Ahmed Aamir got a such a good start. Nothing is set in stone yet …

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