Back home from an IEEE seminar in Stockholm

I also shared other views at the seminar: ... Lake Dellen panorama 100m from my office

I’m back home again from a short trip to Stockholm, or more precisely, Kista. I was invited to give an IEEE Seminar on A/D-converter evolution trends and the prospect of an LTE base-station SoC, hosted by professors Ana Rusu, Carl-Mikael Zetterling and Mikael Östling at the Royal Institute of Technology.

In a conference room filled more or less to the brim with scientists and experienced wireless and electronics industry professionals from the area (hi all!), I had the pleasure of sharing some of my research results and ideas on the topic of the seminar. During the seminar and the lunch afterwards, we had a rich exchange of ideas that made me return home with a lot more research threads than I brought into the party. That’s science and engineering at its best, right?

One of the ideas I shared during the informal discussions over lunch was the concept of empirical design optimization, or as we call it at ADMS Design AB, “Experience-Based Design Optimization (EDO)“. The topic of the seminar was not EDO, but there is a strong connection between the two because EDO as offered by ADMS Design relies on the same large set of empirical data. The second part of the seminar indirectly illustrated EDO principles at work, assessing the feasibility of an LTE base-station SoC as an example of how the research results could be applied. [You can read more about EDO here, and in this PDF.]

Normally sitting alone in deep countryside doing my research, it certainly was a nice break to meet people who want to talk A/D-converter IC design over lunch (!!!). [Yes, I am a geek 😉 ]. I probably talked until their ears fell off – and then some …

Having showed photos like the landscape above to the attendees, there were however some suggestions to organize a workshop out here in the outskirts of civilization. If other blog readers feel the same about a workshop, I might just look into that possibility. Let us know!

Instead of banquet dinner we could perhaps go cow tipping, horse riding, or for a bear safari. How would you like that?

[NB: “Cow tipping” was a joke … don’t worry!]


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