Connect with Converter Passion at IWADC 2011

Anyone planning to attend IWADC 2011 – the international workshop on ADC and data converters – in Italy the coming week?  Then make sure to connect, and you may win the Connect-with-Converter Passion prize for IWADC 2011. The reward is to have yourself mentioned here on the blog (see winners from last years NORCHIP and ICECS here and here), and the only thing you need to do to win is to be the first attendee to locate me during the conference and claim the prize. Besides announcing and introducing the winner of the CWCP,  I also plan to highlight a few interesting papers, pick up the conference “vibes” and share it in my reporting from the conference. I’ll be interested to talk to all of you, so even if you didn’t win the CWCP race I will be very happy to hear what you have to say about the conference, tech blogs, or the data converter field in general. What are your views on ADC FOM, the data converter market and scientific trends for the next decade, and more …

Look for this face

If you haven’t found me before, a safe bet is around the High-efficiency Data Converters session (Thursday 14:15–15:45) where I will present my first contribution An empirical approach to finding energy efficient ADC architectures , or at the Poster Session II for which I am chair on Friday, and where I will also present my second contribution Using Figures-of-Merit to Evaluate Measured A/D-Converter Performance. For more details, see the “Going to Italy, Yes, Yes, Yes!” post, and the conference program.

2 responses to “Connect with Converter Passion at IWADC 2011

  1. Hello Dr. Jonsson, I will also attend the IWADC next week in Orvieto. I found this post when i google “IWADC presentation” (the first one in the list) . See you next week and hope your photo is up-to-date, so i can find you quickly ^_^.

    BTW, I am a PhD candidate of TU Eindhoven,and my research topic is about ADC:-)

    • Yu: It will be nice to meet you there soon, and to hear what you’re up to at TU Eindhoven. Historically it has been a clear sign of a CWCP winner that they announced their participation ahead of the race like you’ve just done. It certainly shows the right spirit. Still nothing is sure until the winner is identified, so best wishes for the race! The photo is up to date.


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