Converter Passion Citation Boost

Stuff like this makes a tech-blogging nerd happy …

A very pleasant recent observation is that this blogs scientific citation frequency just improved by ∞ % (from zero to one), thanks to an IWADC paper [1] referring to a Converter Passion post [2]. It may be a humble start, but it was good news to see that someone out there trusts the data on this blog enough to include it as a reference in a scientific publication. To the best of my knowledge that was a first for Converter Passion, but let me know if you get a paper published that cites Converter Passion. Should it become a trend, I might have to compile a list of citations here, but I’ll wait until we have at least two … 😉

Update: Now there are more than one, so I’ve now added a citation list.


[1]    F. Fuiano, L. Cagnazzo, and P. Carbone, “Data Converters: an Empirical Research on the Correlation between Scientific Literature and Patenting Activity,” Proc. of Int. Workshop on ADC Modelling, Testing and Data Converter Analysis and Design (IWADC), Orvieto, Italy, June, 2011.

[2] B. E. Jonsson, “Who has done all that A/D-converter research?,” Converter Passion, Nov. 6, 2010, Available:

2 responses to “Converter Passion Citation Boost

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