Going to Linköping … Yes, Yes, Yes!!

Curves like these can be really useful if you're going for small chip area. Those who attend ECCTD 2011 will get the full picture and learn what's on the X and Y axes.

You’d be forgiven to think that, with all the praise I recently gave to Italy and the IWADC conference, there’s no room in my heart for any other conference or location. But going to the European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design in Linköping, Sweden will be very special. The location isn’t nearly as exotic to me as Italy – quite the opposite in fact. I used to study in Linköping, and I was also a PhD student at the very department that is hosting the conference. What is special with Linköping is that it’s the city I used to call home for about 15 years of my life – 15 good years filled with memorable moments, good friends and talented engineers and scientists. It’s a nice Swedish town, and I highly recommend you to go there. ECCTD 2011 offers the perfect excuse.

If, like me, you’re also interested in what’s actually presented at the conference, it too is an excellent reason to go there. I guess there will be a conference program up on the conference site sooner or later. Until then I can only tell you about my contribution “Area Efficiency of ADC Architectures”, which I was very glad to get accepted. No extra points for guessing the general topic of the paper, and I’m not going to spoil the fun by telling you everything about it. Suffice to say that it’s another huge survey of scientific A/D-converter achievements. This time we’ll take a first look at the area-efficiency of various ADC architectures at different speed/resolution specifications. It exemplifies a small fraction of the EDO methodology used by ADMS Design AB, and gives you some overall guidelines to get you started with area-optimized ADC design.

So, if you design ADCs for high volume production and a low manufacturing cost is important … don’t miss this paper.

4 responses to “Going to Linköping … Yes, Yes, Yes!!

  1. Hello Bengt,
    I won’t be going to the Conference but i will be eagerly waiting for the paper to be available on IEEE 🙂

  2. Hi Budha,
    Nice to hear from you! What a pity you’re not coming. It would have been nice to see you again. But there will be more conferences I guess.

    The paper will probably be available on IEEE Xplore quite soon after the conference.

  3. Hi Bengt,

    Read the white paper on EDO and looks very interesting. Using the idea of design space exploration to see whether the performance we need is achievable or not.

    Finding & analyzing every paper on ADC out there would have been a difficult task though.


  4. You bet!

    That’s more papers than any sane person would want to read in their lifetime 🙂 But it was worth the trouble. Now I have pretty unique possibilities to predict the level of difficulty of a spec, to “understand” the real trade-offs between different design and performance parameters, see the differences between architectural choices, etc., etc.

    This area vs. performance paper for ECCTD is a reasonably good example of what can be done. And there’s more to come – brewing and simmering here @ ADMS Design AB.

    Thank you for the kind words!


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