Australia’s first scientific ADC


BREAKING NEW GROUND: The ADC landscape is continuously changing – also geographically. To the best of my knowledge, 2012 is the year when Australia became the 30th nation to successfully implement, measure, and scientifically report, an A/D-converter IC (*). Great news!

Authors Jeffrey Harrison, Michal Nesselroth, Robert Mamuad, Arya Behzad, Andrew Adams, and Steve Avery presented their design in the ISSCC contribution “An LC Bandpass ΔΣ ADC with 70dB SNDR Over 20MHz Bandwidth Using CMOS DACs” [1].

The organization behind this Australian milestone is Broadcom. Arya Behzad is affiliated with Broadcom, San Diego, CA. All other authors are with Broadcom, Sydney, Australia. Excellent job!


[1] J. Harrison, M. Nesselroth, R. Mamuad, A. Behzad, A. Adams, and S. Avery, “An LC Bandpass ΔΣ ADC with 70dB SNDR Over 20MHz Bandwidth Using CMOS DACs,” Proc. of IEEE Solid-State Circ. Conf. (ISSCC), San Francisco, California, pp. 146–147, Feb., 2012.


(*) NB: The definition I use is first-author-centric. It looks only at the country of the 1st-author affiliation. It is also focused on the accumulated scientific output of the sources listed here. If you are aware of an earlier Australian ADC implementation, please let me know.

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