Citing Converter Passion

Should you wish to cite Converter Passion content in scientific works (such as mentioned here), you should know that the data and graphics published on Converter Passion have been produced with the same care and attention to detail as anything I put in a scientific paper manuscript. It isn’t peer-reviewed before publication (as papers are), but CP posts can be read and commented by anyone afterwards. If you need any clarifications regarding methods, data selection, etc. before referring to the content, you are welcome to ask. Send me an e-mail or ask the question directly in the blog post you’re referring to.

Author of all content on the blog is Dr. Bengt E. Jonsson, ADMS Design AB unless specifically stated otherwise. A suggested format for references is therefore similar to (replace blog post title, date and year with that of the post you’re referring to):

[1] B. E. Jonsson, “Is A/D-converter research becoming a purely academic exercise?,” Converter Passion, June 13, 2011, Available:

The reference above would fit with an IEEE-style journal or conference paper. Other publications may have other guidelines for references. Check with the editor.

A list of known citations is maintained here.


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