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These are all the polls embedded here and there in posts. If you want to catch up on what the other blog readers really think, or want to do all the polls yourself so that you can also have your say, this page saves you the trouble of trawling through all the posts. Some of the polls might not make much sense out of their original context, so there are links to the original posts as well. For your convenience, and in chronological order:

Original Post: For the love of data-converters

Original Post: Tell us about yourself

Original Post: Paper Overflow

Original Post: Where can I find good ADC papers?

Original Post: Is A/D-converter research in Europe about to die?

Original Post: Back from ICECS 2010

Original Post: Trying to keep warm

Original Post: ADC FOM: What is a good figure-of-merit?

Original Post: Is A/D-converter research becoming a purely academic exercise?

Original Post: What parameters should be reported in a good ADC paper?

Original Post: ADC research trends: Overall publication count

3 responses to “All Polls

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  2. Please see IEEE-STD-1241-2010 for a list of parameters recommended to be specified for A/D converters.


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