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For those of you wanting to catch up on the content of this blog or just looking for something particular, here’s the complete list of posts, in reverse chronological order:

  1. ADC Energy Efficiency Trends
  2. NoMe TDC 2013
  3. ADC Energy Efficiency: Nyquist vs. DSM
  4. ADC Energy Efficiency: An empirical overview
  5. ADC Survey: Spring 2013 update on FOM
  6. New minor revision: A/D-converter performance evolution (v1.1)
  7. Now as a free eBook/PDF: A/D-converter performance evolution
  8. Blogroll addition: Brad’s Radio Page
  9. Happy New Year!
  10. Book Review: Advanced Data Converters
  11. ADC Survey: Christmas 2012 update on FOM
  12. A survey of ADC surveys
  13. ADC performance evolution: Thermal figure-of-merit (FOM)
  14. ADC performance evolution: Walden figure-of-merit (FOM)
  15. ADC performance evolution: Sampling rate and resolution
  16. ADC performance evolution: Linearity (SFDR)
  17. ADC performance evolution: Relative noise floor
  18. ADC performance evolution: Jitter
  19. ADC performance evolution: Thermal noise
  20. Blogroll addition: EveryNano Counts
  21. ADC performance evolution: Low-voltage operation – part 2
  22. ADC performance evolution: Low-voltage operation – part 1
  23. ADC research trends: CMOS node adoption
  24. 100% citation boost
  25. ADC research trends: Migration to CMOS
  26. ADC research trends: Endangered performance parameters
  27. Poll result: What parameters should be mandatory in ADC papers?
  28. ADC research trends: Overall publication count
  29. Blogroll addition: Analog Dialogue
  30. Blogroll addition: The LTXC Blog
  31. Australia’s first scientific ADC
  32. ADC Survey: Spring 2012 update on FOM state-of-the-art
  33. Best internet resources on data converter basics?
  34. Back from ECCTD 2011
  35. Connect with Converter Passion at ECCTD 2011
  36. The path to a good A/D-converter FOM
  37. What parameters should be reported in a good ADC paper?
  38. Going to Linköping … Yes, Yes, Yes!!
  39. Converter Passion Citation Boost
  40. Back from IWADC 2011
  41. Connect with Converter Passion at IWADC 2011
  42. Is A/D-converter research becoming a purely academic exercise?
  43. Reader question: Shouldn’t the (effective) bandwidth of the ADC or DAC also be reported in the titles?
  44. Reader question(s): Novelty of folding amplifier ADC architecture, big houses approach to external innovations, and academic vs. commercial specs
  45. ADC Survey: Spring 2011 update on FOM state-of-the-art
  46. Converter Passion Hall of Fame and other blog updates
  47. Reader question: What is an ADC?
  48. Back home from an IEEE seminar in Stockholm
  49. Writing papers for ECCTD 2011? Still one week to go!
  50. Writing papers for ECCTD 2011? One week to go!
  51. Going to Italy … Yes, Yes, Yes!!
  52. Poll crazy
  53. ADC FOM: What is a good figure-of-merit?
  54. Reader question: Why is the data converter market dominated by six US companies?
  55. The mother of all ADC FOM
  56. The global ADC “FOM-o-meter”
  57. Trying to keep warm
  58. Merry Christmas!
  59. Back from ICECS 2010
  60. “All Posts” page and other blog updates
  61. ICECS 2010 at a glance
  62. Anyone going to ICECS 2010?
  63. Back form NORCHIP
  64. Is A/D-converter research in Europe about to die?
  65. Who has done all that A/D-converter research?
  66. NORCHIP 2010 at a glance
  67. Anyone going to NORCHIP 2010?
  68. Where can I find good ADC papers?
  69. Paper Overflow
  70. Tell us about yourself
  71. For the love of data-converters

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