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Best internet resources on data converter basics?

Converter Passion will try to plant some seeds of data converter knowledge

Hi all, and my sincere apologies for not posting for a while. I’ve had some rather intense family emergencies that kept me out of the blogosphere for a few months. Slightly wiser from the experience, I want to be careful to not promise too much in terms of blog activity, but the current plan is to resurface more seriously after the upcoming holidays and the New Year.

One of the activities I’ve planned is to list useful data converter resources on the web. First out could be recommended literature for those wanting to catch up on the basics [whatever that may be]. I’ve been contemplating making these lists for some time now, but was re-inspired by the app note/report A Glossary of Analog-to-Digital Specifications and Performance Characteristics highlighted in a recent TI newsletter. It doesn’t have to be just app notes, but it should be resources that are completely open and freely available – preferably without any registration procedures. So please e-mail me, or post a comment here with your suggestions for the best internet resources for anyone new to the field.

Being a bit old-school, I still do read books 😉 so a parallel activity will be to compile a list of good books on data conversion, data converter design & application and related topics – from entry level to the most advanced treatment. Please tell me which books you’d like to recommend, and if you feel like it you can also provide a brief review of 2–200 words describing what you like about it.

As always: Don’t be shy to promote your own work, your company or any one else you wish to give your unreserved praise. All the readers of Converter Passion are of the generous, happy type (I hope). And if you happen to have a data converter book coming out soon, let us know about it too. I’ll be more than happy to highlight it, and if you send me a copy of the final product I’ll also read it and post a book review here on the blog.

Good to see you all again …