Who are you?

Feel free to stay anonymous, but if you want to tell other visitors something about who you are or what your main professional interests are you can drop a comment in this thread.

Or … just take the polls.

5 responses to “Who are you?

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  2. We are an asian IC design company and we have Ultra Low Power (ULP) ADC and DAC available. We are based in the Philippines. Our ADC is mainly used in low power data logger and temperature sensor applications.

  3. Thank you Steve,

    I’ve added your company to the “complete list”.

  4. BTW: Where is CoCo Chip located? I couldn’t see that from the web site.

  5. We are incorporated in Pampanga, Philippines north of Manila.
    We also have offices in Davao, and we have stuff in Singapore.

    Thanks for adding us.

    – Steve


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