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Blogroll addition: Brad’s Radio Page

I’m starting the new year by adding Brad’s Radio Page to the blogroll. The slogan is “Converters, RF, and related topics“, which describes it all pretty well. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Brad Brannon on several occasions in my career. He is a really gifted person, skilled in communicating technical stuff. As you can see from his site, he has a genuine interest in electronics. If you haven’t checked out Brad’s Radio Page before, I recommend you give it a few clicks to see what’s there.

Blogroll addition: EveryNano Counts

I’ll break up my sequence of stuffy ADC survey, eh, … stuff … with a welcome addition to the blogroll and the still almost empty data-converter segment of the blogosphere.

Last night, I discovered an absolutely brilliant ADC/research-oriented blog that apparently has been up for over a year. I don’t know how I could possibly have missed that, but it somehow stayed under my radar until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy, and remember that EveryNano Counts

100% citation boost

Nice! Converter Passion just had a 100% boost in scientific citations (known to us) thanks to the tutorial “Time-Interleaved ADCs: Theory and Design” given tomorrow, June 17th, at NEWCAS 2012 by Manar El-Chammas from Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, TX.

When we went from zero to one citation I promised to make a list of citations as soon as we reached two, and that list is now found here.

Unfortunately I’ll not make it to NEWCAS 2012, but Converter Passion wishes Dr. El-Chammas and all other conference delegates a really good time there.

Blogroll addition: Analog Dialogue

The Analog Devices blog Analog Diablog is being phased-out in favor of Analog Dialogue, which I have added to the blogroll. Analog Dialogue has a wider scope than data converters. Among the first four posts, though, there is already a post on Capacitance-to-Digital Converters (CDC) titled “Capacitance-to-Digital Converter (CDC) Technology in Healthcare Applications“.

I guess there will be more soon.

Blogroll addition: The LTXC Blog

I’ve added The LTXC Blog (by LTX-Credence) to the blogroll. It’s a testing-oriented blog, covering a wider scope than just data converters. But there are some ADC/DAC-related posts, and perhaps it will be more if you all visit the blog. Besides, they have the good taste to refer to – and use (with permission) – Converter Passion content, so that’s already quite promising … 😉