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I recently rediscovered an old friend of mine – the IMEKO International Workshop on ADC, and I though it might be of interest to my blog readers to hear about this conference. It is purely data-converter oriented, so it certainly fits the profile for many of you. The official name I believe is 2011 IMEKO IWADC & IEEE 2011 ADC Forum, where IWADC stands for International Workshop on ADC Modeling, Testing and Data Converter Analysis and Design. It certainly sounds like my cup of tea.


Well, … I’ve been aware of this conference for many years. Also, when scanning for source data to include in my large ADC performance survey, previous contributions to this conference would regularly show up on my radar because of their ADC relevance. What I mean is that I haven’t been to this conference for a long time now, but hopefully 2011 will be the year to correct that.

IWADC covers a broad range of data-converter topics – from design to modeling, measurement and error-correction. Check out the official call for papers for more information.

For someone like myself, who is interested in various aspects of data-converters, including characterization, modeling and error-correction techniques, this conference appears to be spot-on. I certainly hope to be able to go there this summer. If you’re anything like me, it’ll probably be worth a few clicks on the official site to see for yourself if you should go there too. Note that it is still possible to submit work! Deadline extended until Jan 15, 2011. I boldly promote this opportunity since, if I’m going there myself I obviously want as many as possible of my blog readers to be there too. A big happy family 🙂

In the event that I will actually contribute something, you are sure to hear about it right here on blog. In the meantime, just take a look at the venue and imagine yourself in the medieval town of Orvieto, Italy, 30 June to 1 July next summer … surrounded by like-minded data-converter enthusiasts and the various treasures of the Italian region of Umbria.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


ICECS 2010 at a glance

Approximate distribution of topics among ICECS 2010 conference contributions.

Whether you haven’t yet decided if you should go to ICECS 2010 or not, or you are simply getting hungry for some pie (Converter Passion style … ), this post may be for you. In case it helps for any of the above, I took a quick look in the ICECS 2010 technical program to see how well your data-converter passion will be served at the conference. Since the number of papers (308) is much larger than for NORCHIP, I decided to reduce my survey to only ADC and DAC contributions, and not be as thorough as I was when doing the same for NORCHIP.

My short investigation of the program revealed that, out of the 308 papers, 27 (8.8%) were ADC-related, and only one (!) about DACs. I’m certainly curious to hear what my friend and trusted DAC expert Dr. J Jacob Wikner has to say about that. Because if “ADC research in Europe is about to die, what does this meagre paper count say about DAC research?

Is there nothing more to research on DACs? Was this a one-off? Are DAC professionals more keen to publish at other conferences? What’s your view? Not just Jacob – I’m asking all of you readers.

Regardless of this fact, I’m looking forward to go to the ICECS. [After all, I’m quite ADC-biased …]

See you there!

BTW: The pie is served at the top, and don’t forget to say hello while at the conference.

Anyone going to ICECS 2010?

I guess it will be inevitable to keep asking my blog readers if you are also going to the conferences I plan to attend, now that I started to do so with NORCHIP. If you’re going to ICECS 2010 in Athens next week, you’re most welcome to connect. As you can see from my NORCHIP travel report it can pay great dividends to respond to the invitation to connect while at the conference. That is, if you’d consider it a ‘great dividend’ to have your name and picture or at least your paper title and name appearing on this blog.

Look for this face once again

Nadeem Afzal and M. Reza Sadeghifar were the clear winners of the connect-with-Converter-Passion race at the NORCHIP conference, and thus got themselves a slightly raised web presence, for whatever that might be worth. All you’ve got to do to have a chance in Athens, is to look for the same face this time. Come and say hello, tell me about your work, what you think about the conference, Greece, the welcome reception or A/D- or D/A-converter research in general, … something like that. Actually it takes much less effort than so – it’s enough to just say hello. You need to be aware that the Linköping University students are all serious about this, and I have good reason to believe that a third student under Dr. J Jacob Wikner’s supervision will make an attempt for the ‘prize’ in Athens. So don’t idle about and let Linköping get all the glory.

If you haven’t found me earlier, the safest bets this time is during the T4L-B Mixed-signal circuits session on Tuesday afternoon, where I will present my contribution “A Survey of A/D-Converter Performance Evolution” [1], or the Wednesday morning session W1L-B Analog-to-Digital Converters II which I will be chairing.

Now, if you are serious about ADC technology you really do not want to miss my survey presentation. I will show the performance evolution over time for A/D-converters extracted from a massive study of well over 1400 scientific papers, from the very first monolithic implementations reported in 1974 all through to March 2010. That’s close to every single paper ever published in the IEEE journals and conferences central to the ADC field. All for you! Past and present ADC trends will be analyzed, and I’ll even venture to predict ADC performance evolution for the next ten years until 2020. If you aren’t coming to ICECS 2010, you should definitely keep an eye out for this paper as it will appear at IEEE Xplore some time after the conference.

See you all in Athens!


[1] B. E. Jonsson, “A survey of A/D-converter performance evolution”, accepted for presentation, IEEE Int. Conf. Electronics Circ. Syst. (ICECS), Athens, Greece, Dec., 2010.

NORCHIP 2010 at a glance

Approximate distribution of topics among NORCHIP 2010 conference contributions.

Taking a quick look at the NORCHIP 2010 conference program it appears that ADC & DAC papers make up around 18% of the population – 21% if you add the two TDC (time-to-digital) contributions. That’s got to be good enough: It means that more than every 5th contribution is directly relevant to me. Couldn’t really ask for more at a conference with such a broad scope.

Another topic that stands out in the program is Network-on-Chip (NoC), which is treated in as much as 22% of the contributions according to titles. Clearly a hot topic! I’m not currently aware that NoC is interesting for me, but that may change if I go to all of those presentations. 😉

RF/Analog papers make up around 28% of the contributions, and that’s a more relevant topic for me than NoC. The pie chart shows the approximate distribution over different topics. The “other” slice represents presentations on 3D integrated circuits and mostly digital stuff. I don’t know if it was a goal, but as you can see the organizing committee did an excellent job in dividing the space almost perfectly into 50% RF/analog + mixed, and 50% digital + 3D-IC.

The total number of contributions is 71, distributed over 40 oral presentations (4 invited) and 31 posters.

One that I’m curious about is the invited talk “Mixed-Signal versus Purely-Digital Self-Calibration of High-Resolution Pipeline A/D Converters” by professor João Goes from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. Having worked quite a lot with ADC calibration myself (e.g., this patent), his talk is exactly my cup of tea, and it will be very interesting to hear his findings.

Finally, don’t forget to say hello, if you are attending the conference … With a bit of luck, you may find yourself and your work featured in a future blog post.

For the love of data-converters

I have a good friend that uses the most loving expressions when describing IC design projects. Hopefully I will have him guest blogging here any time soon. Either way, this blog is for you if you are truly passionate about data-converter application and IC design or just want to find out if you can be someday. Even if you hate the very thought of it, but your boss still doesn’t let you move on to RF-IC or digital ASIC design, you will hopefully find some bits and pieces here that will make your working day more endurable.

Scanning the vast span of the blogosphere, I actually couldn’t find any blogs focusing entirely on analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters where like-minded professionals could meet and discuss technical and more light-hearted aspects of data converter design and application. If you find any, please post or send me links to them.

I did find blogs about old tools , knitting, German vases [by a good friend] and about collecting veteran tractors like the beautiful Minneapolis Moline [I actually have one of those in my barn]. But not even one ADC or DAC blog? I almost can’t believe it. In this day and age that must be close to sensational. Talk about being marginalized! 🙂

No more so. Welcome to share your Converter Passion here and now.