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The global ADC “FOM-o-meter”

Living in a FOM-centric world of ADC design? Wondering who’s got the current world record, and what it is? And what about that other FOM they’re sometimes using – who can possibly keep track of the state-of-the-art of both?

Well … say hello to the Converter Passion global “FOM-o-meterwhich is here to help in a FOM-crazed scientific environment. With the global FOM-o-meter you can always check the current state-of-the-art with respect to A/D-converter figures-of-merit (FOM) whenever you need to know. You’ll get the source citation and the numeric value. The reading is based on massive amounts of data, and continuously updated with the latest publications.

My intention is to make ADC figures-of-merit one of the main Converter Passion topics this spring, and perhaps throughout the year – depending on your response. From numerous private conversations with conference delegates, colleagues, and clients I have concluded that there is a rich flora of opinions, and you will have plenty of opportunity to have your say here on the blog.

As a little warm up exercise, the global FOM-o-meter is hereby introduced as a service to CP readers. It’s a ‘static page’ (as opposed to a blog post) in WordPress lingo, so I’ve put it in the INFO menu above, and in the PAGES link list in the sidebar. The FOM-o-meter v1.0 monitors the following two figures of merit:

F_{A1} = \dfrac{P}{2^{ENOB} f_s}

F_{B1} = \dfrac{P}{2^{2 ENOB} f_s}

They are probably familiar to many of you, but we’ll take a closer look at both of them in posts to come, so don’t worry if they are new to you. Current data covers 1974 – March 2010, but is soon to be updated to present day. Having processed the 1400+ documents from 1974 to March 2010, I have to admit that I was a bit tired of reading scientific papers on analog-to-digital converters. That’s why there’s almost a year until first update. But my brain is now fully recovered, and you should expect several updates per year.

Now, go ahead and check out who’s got the world record