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“All Posts” page and other blog updates

Time to clear the view ...

I just want to highlight a few additions to the blog:

First, I’ve added a fixed page “All Posts“, which you can access directly from the blog menu. It contains a chronological listing of all blog posts to make it easier for new blog readers to catch up and get an overview of what has been treated on the blog, and for existing blog readers to re-scan when looking for particular content. I even find it useful myself.

Secondly, you may have noticed the update to the “Blogroll” in the sidebar: It has now been split into Blogroll, Conferences, and Links.

  • Blogroll is currently empty because I haven’t yet found any other blogs with a clear ADC/DAC focus that is likely to be of broad interest to my readers [please e-mail me at cpassion@admsdesign.com any suggestions you may have]. I still want to mention ADI’s Analog Diablog™ that is the “blog face” of their publication Analog Dialogue. It has a much broader scope than just ADC/DAC, but could be of interest to many of you. Maybe I’ll put it in the blog roll eventually anyway. I also want to mention the blog Mixed-Signal Electronics, which is run by Dr. J. Jacob Wikner. It’s current focus is on serving students at Linköping University with information relevant to their courses and final-year projects, but if you’re using the particular software tools that they are using, there might be a snippet of code or two that could be useful even if you’re not a Linköping student. I can’t fully assess this, so you better check it out for yourself. Regardless, to anyone in a similar teaching role, it can serve as inspiration on how to interact with students in a contemporary way.
  • Conferences will be updated with any upcoming conferences that I believe are of interest to my readers. Particularly those I’m considering to attend myself. The two first additions are 2011 IMEKO IWADC & IEEE ADC Forum, and ECCTD 2011. I’ll get back with some more on those conferences later.
  • Links is any other links of interest. I will work on that section eventually …