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Trying to keep warm

Staying indoors to keep warm

Here in Sweden we’ve just had the coldest December since 1800-something, and most of us are just trying to keep warm. Well … at least I do. Even with the “heat wave” (–4°C) we’re currently experiencing I still prefer the sweet warmth of the house. And then, of course, my boss (that’s me) is keeping me pinned down at the office desk with work, work, and more work. Right now I’m pushing myself to produce at least one, and hopefully two manuscripts to submit for review to the 2011 IMEKO IWADC conference. There’s still one more week before the closing date, so if you haven’t submitted anything yet you may want to give it a try yourself. Surely you have some good ideas that haven’t yet been published. Keep us posted about your progress!

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those that actually enjoy writing scientific papers. And right now in freezing cold Scandinavia, the thought of going to the warm and beautiful Italy in the summer is a major source of additional inspiration for writing 😉

Faithful blog visitors have probably been staring at those Water-on-Insulator crystals for a while now, wondering when or perhaps if this blog is ever going to return to the narrow path of data converters again. Have faith! As soon as the manuscripts are in – possibly even sooner – I’ll be back with a post opening up the topic of ADC figures-of-merit (FOM). Lots of potential for interesting discussions, don’t you think? Now you have a few days to prepare your mind …