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New minor revision: A/D-converter performance evolution (v1.1)

T13001-ThumbNote that the recently released A/D-converter performance evolution “eBook”/PDF, has been incremented to v1.1 due to a mistake with Figure 6.3. The latest release can always be reached from the Document Download page. If you pass links around, be sure to link to that page instead of any direct link to a specific release.

My sincere apologies to the 38 readers who downloaded the document during the first hours.

Now as a free eBook/PDF: A/D-converter performance evolution

Updated (see below)!

I’m happy to see that the “A/D-converter performance evolutionarticle has become the most popular content on Converter Passion. There’s a huge amount of research work put into those ten posts, so I’m glad you liked it.

T13001-ThumbBut even the most die-hard fan of scatter plots and performance trend estimates may find it tiresome to have to click their way through the ten blog posts.  I even feel a bit lost myself from time to time. For your convenience (and mine too), I have therefore made the whole lot available as an “eBook”/PDF, which you can download here (4.8MB). It’s an almost exact replica of the original on-line content, so if you’ve read the original Converter Passion article there’s nothing new here. But it’s likely you find the format much easier to read. I certainly do.

If you’re working with ADCs, you have probably already clicked the link – it’s an absolute no-brainer: A 50-page fully functional PDF with 44 pages of content, 24 illustrations and 92 references. All for free.

Happy reading!

Update 2013-01-07: My sincere apologies to the 40 or so that have downloaded it already, but there was a bug with Fig. 6.3 (it was 6.2 duplicated). The correct graph has now been inserted in v1.1. of the document. Many thanks to EJ & Henk at Catena!

Blogroll addition: Brad’s Radio Page

I’m starting the new year by adding Brad’s Radio Page to the blogroll. The slogan is “Converters, RF, and related topics“, which describes it all pretty well. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Brad Brannon on several occasions in my career. He is a really gifted person, skilled in communicating technical stuff. As you can see from his site, he has a genuine interest in electronics. If you haven’t checked out Brad’s Radio Page before, I recommend you give it a few clicks to see what’s there.

Happy New Year!

Thank you all for following the blog during 2012. With a few snaps from our village road I wish you all a prosperous and sparkling 2013.

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Blogroll addition: EveryNano Counts

I’ll break up my sequence of stuffy ADC survey, eh, … stuff … with a welcome addition to the blogroll and the still almost empty data-converter segment of the blogosphere.

Last night, I discovered an absolutely brilliant ADC/research-oriented blog that apparently has been up for over a year. I don’t know how I could possibly have missed that, but it somehow stayed under my radar until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy, and remember that EveryNano Counts